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Park Caravan Holidays


Park Caravan Holidays – Family Holiday Parks


Caravan Holidays or Tourist campsites (Park Caravan Holidays) are trendy in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It offers a variety of accommodation options. If you live in England, it’s easy to drive around the beautiful hills and dales by caravan, and if you’re visiting from abroad, you can hop on a park home. But what’s the difference between a park home and a caravan? It is more common to refer to a static caravan in a holiday park as a holiday home, whereas a park home is a residential home in a park where residents live for most of the year. Do you know if it’s possible to live in a holiday park all year round? It’s impossible to live in a holiday home in a park permanently. You need to have your primary address as your permanent residence, which is not your holiday home. The direct address must be your permanent residence. It is a legal requirement that your holiday home only is used for recreational purposes.


Park Caravan Holidays

Park Caravan Holidays


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People want holidays and usually easy to find holidays lodge or travel lodges in each city. Specially, children wish to go on holiday once they have half or full-term holidays from the school. But family holidays are different from individual holidays. They prefer family holidays at home, specially in parks where they can enjoy many activities. So let’s find out the best family holiday destination in the UK?



Park Holidays Near me – caravan Holidays Near me – UK Bank Holidays 

Please look below if you are in the UK and looking for holiday parks or Caravan holidays. There are two major park holidays in the UK. Compare their services and facilities and choose the best one.



Park Holidays UK – Family Holidays in the UK 

One of the largest holiday park companies in the UK, Park Holidays UK operates 40+ holiday parks in the country and on the coast, offering caravan and lodge holidays, glamping breaks, tours and camping, and holiday home ownership.


Click below to book a family holiday in the UK.




Haven Holidays – family Holidays Near me 

Haven Holidays operates holiday parks in the UK. The company operates 40 + sites in predominantly coastal locations offering self-catering static caravans and touring and campervan facilities.




At last, we hope that you found some information on Park Caravan Holidays in the UK. If you are looking for a hotel booking, please look at Hotel Near me.