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Population of Nepal

Nepal is the 48th-largest country in the world by population (28,982,771, based on estimates published by the United Nations). The top 10 countries by population (United Nations) are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico.

Nepal Information

Area of Nepal

It is the 93rd-largest country in the world by area (147,181 total sq. km). The top 10 countries and dependencies by area are Russia, Antarctica, Canada, China, United States, Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Algeria.

Investment in Nepal

As tourism is one of the major income sources of the nation, recently the government and political parties have made a policy to welcome foreign investment. Therefore, Nepal is not only the best place for travel, holiday, trekking, and expedition but also is an excellent place to invest in the tourism sector.

Climate in Nepal

The monsoon starts on June 10 and onsets around September 23. Spring and autumn are pleasant months to travel to Nepal, but tourists come to Nepal all around the year. In the winter, the temperature falls to the freezing point with a lot of snowfall in the mountains.

The maximum and minimum temperature in the Terai region of Nepal in winter will be 7degree Celsius to 23-degree celsius. The central valley gets the temperature of freezing point to twelve degrees Celsius maximum. In Kathmandu valley whose altitude is 1360m has 19-27 degrees Celsius in summer and 2-20 degrees Celsius in winter. The average summer temperature of the hill region is 28-degree celsius, terai 40 degrees Celsius.

Heating System

Except for in the hotels in major cities, there is no central heating system. Warm clothes are the only way to fight against the cold. So, if you are travelling during the winter, please do bring warm jackets, gloves, socks. On a clear sunny day, it is warm during winter too. You will be provided with a warm blanket but if your preference is sleeping bag do bring along with you. However, there are plenty of shops which sell all the goods such as a jacket, gloves, socks, sleeping bags, etc. so if you wish to buy them, then it will prefer you as it is cheaper than any part of the world.

Food and drinks in Nepal

Food and drinks in Nepal are mostly traditional. It’s a culturally diverse country with many ethnic groups, cultures, and varieties of food. Different ethnic groups have their own items of food. Most of the food items consumed in Nepal are organic and tasty. In touristic hotels the significant dishes of the world like Indian, continental, Chinese, Mexican, Italian etc. are available.

Nepal time and Transportation
Mode of transportation available in Nepal
Nepal time information
Nepal travel packing list

Are you planning to visit Nepal? If you are wondering what to pack for the journey then the list may be helpful to you. Proper packing of things makes the travel comfortable.

Nepal travel packing list
It will be better if you have
Some Nepal manner

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