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Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking



While zeroing down on a hotel of your choice, you must struggle hard to choose one as you’ll face many decisions. Choosing the one that meets your needs and requirements from the available options can be daunting. However, some initial research will ease your job and make a difference. Here we present a quick checklist that you can seek while booking a suitable hotel online.


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Location: Location or setting is the foremost factor. If planning a family outing, the location should be feasible and easily accessible to nearby picnic spots and other tourist attractions. If your trip is for business purposes, proximity to a nearby town becomes crucial. Proximity to various shopping sites and other amenities can also be a point setter in your preference list.

Facilities: Secondly the facilities available at the hotel where you are planning to stay should have basic facilities like a kids’ area & swimming pool if your trip is a family trip.While if your trip is intended for business purposes, a Wifi connection and other business-level services may prioritise your list. If you are an ardent pet lover, pet-friendly accommodation should also be on your mind.

Price Factor: Booking a hotel and not considering the monetary value might not do justice to this post. Before making a final call, consider various other value-added services, including laundry, extended hour room service etc., that can make your stay more comfortable. Search for hotels that offer attractive prices with luxurious accommodation within your budget. You can also perform an online comparison among various available options.



Hotel Booking


Hotel Booking Near me – Top Things to look


Reviews: Don’t miss out on checking the reviews. Look out for reviews shared by various people who have stayed there to know whether their experience is good or bad. Online travel forums, hotel review sites, and social media sites can help you find the one you yearn for. There is the probability of finding a negative review, too, as it differs from person to person. Make a wise decision.

Accessibility: Easy accessibility by air, road or train, and a parking facility are what one should look for. Availability of hotel shuttle service to nearby airports, railway stations and other tourist attractions can be a plus point. If not, easy accessibility to public transport should make things more manageable. Size of accommodation and other facilities and some loyalty benefits are other factors that you should consider.

Make a decision based on the choices mentioned earlier. Vikram Vintage Inn, located in Malital, Nainital, offers luxurious accommodation within your budget to make your stay happy and memorable. So give us a call or visit our website to seal your deal today! Before booking, there are a few things you need to check. You can do this through their website or by personally calling the hotel DIRECTLY, don’t call their 1-800 number; you will only get a call centre employee who has never been there before.




What to check to book a hotel


Look to see if their rate is lower on the hotel’s website if you are looking to book through online travel agencies websites. In most cases, unless there is an exclusive *OTA offer, the hotel’s website has the cheapest rates. Call the hotel and ask if they can price match if it is not. They most likely will avoid paying a high commission to an *OTA website.

Check what the hotel’s amenities and facilities include. For example, do you need a gym, pool, parking, on-site dining and complimentary breakfast? Most guests assume breakfast is included, but this is uncommon in Europe. A room with breakfast included is called an American rate, and a rate without breakfast is called a European rate. Check to see what rate your hotel offers and what it has. You can find this information and other amenities and services through their website or by calling directly.

Check the address/location of where the hotel is. It is common to elaborate on the hotel’s distance to the city’s centre or attractions. For example, a hotel may say “near the city centre! A short bus ride away!” when on the city’s outskirts. Again, very common for hotels to elaborate on their location. Just copy their address on their website, paste it into google maps and see how far it is from designations.

I also recommend calling the hotel directly to see if there are any unadvertised promotions or offers. If there are, you may save money or get extra services for free.



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