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Volunteer and Culture Exchange

Volunteer and Culture Exchange


Dominated by the Himalayan mountain range and the brooding presence of the mighty Mount Everest, Nepal assures the visitor of scenic panoramas. In addition, Nepal boasts several UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, seven of which lie within the Kathmandu valley. These ancient temples and palace complexes are inspiring examples of skilled craftsmanship – exquisite thangkas, gold-painted stupas and intricate woodcarvings can be seen, portraying Nepal’s unique and complex blend of religions and beliefs.


Volunteer and Culture Exchange


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In the hills around Kathmandu are found the rural retreats of Dhulikhel and Nagarkot, ideal for a night or two. Further west, situated by the serene Phewa Tal Lake, is Pokhara, often referred to as Nepal’s ‘adventure capital. Finally, the Terai region’s Chitwan National Park is south, where visitors may be fortunate enough to view the splendid Royal Bengal tiger or the one-horned rhinoceros. Also not missed is the holy town of Lumbini, the reputed birthplace of Buddha and a site of pilgrimage.


The Nepalese government aims to develop the main culturally, naturally, and historically significant villages as village tourism centres. In those villages, there is a facility of homestay. They have full filled the basic tourist standard as coded by the government. In Nepal, this concept of village tourism is new. If you have been to any homestay places all around the globe, your best experience can use to enhance the quality of village tourism here in Nepal. This program will be a milestone in helping develop village tourism in Nepal. We can give training on hygienic management, cooking, cultural preservation etc. We are looking ahead to taking you to the famous homestay destinations of the country.



Ghale Gaun village, the best village among south Asian villages, is the perfect example of a home stay-based tourism destination in Nepal, situated at an altitude of 2070 m from sea level, which belongs to the warrior ethnic Gurung tribe. This beautiful village lies along the round Annapurna circuit route, a whole world and Nepal popular trekking destination. Most men serve in military groups in the Nepal Army, Indian Army, the British army, and police services. Besides, their main occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry. The entire houses are about 115, and most inhabitants are Gurungs. This majestic village is only 205 km northwest of Kathmandu and 125 km northeast of Pokhara.


The rustic and traditional settlements, the ancestral home of brave Gurungs Ghale Gaun, lies in the Ghale Uttar Kanya Village development committee. The lane of the road is stone-paved and clean. One can feel peace and harmony when one is there. These days everyone is praising the place, and also, in these few years, Ghalegaun has developed tremendously and the homestay. It has attracted many foreign as well as domestic visitors. Ghale women usually wear blue and red attire, called Ghalek and lungi, and men wear Kachad, Bakchu etc.




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