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Holiday Camp UK

Holiday Camp UK-  World Summer Camp


Typically, Holiday Camp UK invites young people aged 18 and 40 (or any interested in youth issues) to come together worldwide, including guests living with various disabilities and volunteer carers. They live together, befriend one another and share an exceptional experience. Over one week in the summer, we offer guests a complete program of diverse activities, workshops, and experiences. We have found that this magic formula creates an exceptional experience that has a transformative impact on guests and helpers. A week’s holiday has a lasting effect on everyone. International Summer Camp is more than just a break from daily routine but an opportunity to get out in the world and be inspired by what it offers.



About the Camp 

It consists of a week of holiday, a mixture of fun,  culture, sight scenes, and trekking with young people worldwide. Similarly,  learning workshops on digital marketing, leadership, Climate Change, experience sharing and discussions on world current social and development issues. 



Learning, experience sharing & Discussions will take place in the morning sessions; outside activities will organise in the afternoon. Cultural performance-related activities will organise in the evening.


All linked Locations:

England, UK


Target Group

Any age group from around the world can join the camp.



With Local school, Tour and Trekking Agency



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