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About Us

About Us


In collaboration with world-leading companies,  such as Expedia, Booking.com, and Viator, we offer holidays to over 2,800 destinations. So, you can confidently book for a lifetime experience, panoramic sightseeing to understand local histories, cultures, traditions, cities, mountains, beaches, deserts, and jungles, and participate in many activities. Similarly, we book Luxury Hotels, Budget Hotels, Villas, Resorts, Apartments, Hostels, B&B, Travel Insurance and Travel services (Visa applications) to travel worldwide. 



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Custom-Made Packages

We have decade-long experience in the tourism industry and enriched ourselves by researching and gaining insights from our valued clients. We also offer custom-made holiday packages for selected countries, such as Trek, Tour, Holiday, Human Rights Peace study tour in Nepal, Mansarovar Holy our in Mt Kailash at Tibet, Dubai city tour etc.


Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible business committed to donating 3% of our profit to British charities to support victims of trafficking and modern slavery in Nepal. We also encourage our clients to help maintain the environment and respect local cultures.



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Similalry, if you want to book directly with UK holidays, please look at the Social Media and the below link.


Customer Review 


I bought a holiday through this organisation, and it worked out well. Flights and hotels were well organised. We very much enjoyed the city of Pokhara and the safari in the district of Chitwan. The hotels would have been better, but I didn’t pay top wack! They are comfortable, and the people are friendly.
I love the lake at Pokhara! Oliver Perry


I went to Nepal to trek and see the beautiful Himalayan range. Specially Mt Everest. Thank you for offering such a marvellous adventure holiday package. Once it is enough will come back again, it might be for a fantastic Kathmandu city tour. Mumtaz Masadikova


Hassle-Free Worldwide Air Ticket, Hotel, Holiday, attraction booking Website


It’s easy to plan your vacation or travel around the world. The best point is you don’t need any assistance; visit our home page, click the link, choose your suitable date and buy it. On the home page, you will find a small form where you will need to input your details to explore more about your needs. As you can see, there are two sections here. One is for the flights and another for the hotels. So by now, you may have an idea that you can search for the right flights and hotels worldwide. The only aim of our website is to lower the troubles of searching travel agencies on the internet or looking for help among friends or any other ideas just because you want to travel somewhere.

Our website has made it easier to plan and enjoy your holiday anywhere you like. For example, I will type London to New York. You need to set the departure and return date as well, and here, you will have to select the number of passengers – how many adults, how many children and how many infants. Now click on search. You will see a new window. Here you will get the details about all the flights you need, including the price. You can choose the currency and language you prefer on the top right to make it easier. On the left side of the website, you can select or unselect the options according to your preference, like the number of stops, All or direct without any stops or one stop or two stops. For the baggage also, you can choose all or without baggage or luggage and carry-on. And there are many other options you can check on the website. 

Now similarly, for the hotels also, you can do the same. Just click on the hotels, and you will get to another form. Here you need to it would be best if you typed hotel name. Here I will order a random example. Let’s search for Sydney. Choose the check-in and check-out date. Select the number of guests (how many adults and children). You can even compare hotels by selecting this option and clicking on search. You will see a new window with all the results of hotels in Sydney, and you can choose a suitable hotel. Click on Book Now, and the rest is on you. Many other services are available for you, which you can buy yourself. You can check our website for that. For example,